Empowering you with a process that turns innovation into science and not just a shot in the dark.

"In weak companies politics win. In strong companies best ideas do." - Steve Jobs

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ITP (Innovative Thinking Process)

Teaching a breakthrough process to harness creativity and drive innovation.

About the Course

The ITP course is a thinking and writing process that develops your ability to intentionally originate, interconnect and validate relevant ideas as the foundation for successful innovation. It is a self-directed solitary endeavor that uses statements, questions and answers that are structured in such a way as to give you a new experience and challenge you to think differently. The ITP at it's most basic level develops a new skill to problem solve with new ideas. But when the it starts to be used more extensively it reaches beyond ideas and actually develops Idea Models. This is the reason breakthrough innovators succeed, because of their skill to develop Idea Models that have the capability to project future disruptive concepts that cannot yet be experienced directly.

For a limited time this course is being provided free for a one time use.

Course Note:

Even though the ITP actions will seem simple. The way they are organized and structured have two effects. They:

  1. Really ignite all the creative juices.
  2. Force the participant to think much deeper than usual.

Both effects energize the participant to 'want' to do other 'more fun' creative stuff. So that is why the ITP requires specific focus on it during the duration of the course and is more effective when gone through at one time.